Strategic Plan Template

Proposed template for a Strategic Plan

1.     Inroduction – executive summary -

Few lines about the plan, goals, time frames, resources etc..

2.     The company –

brief description of the company conducting business.

3.     Mission statement –

Mission statement of the company coining what the company tries to accomplish.

4.     SWOT analysis –

Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the business.

5.     Goals –

The goals the business aims to achieve in a given time frame.

6.     KPI's – Key Performance Indicators –

Set performance measurement criteria to assess achievements.

7.     Target market-

Market needs and trends.  Conclusion should be reached to prove that market needs are growing.

8.     Industry analysis –

Brief summary about your sector.

9.     Local Competition analysis –

Include a brief summary about local competitive businesses and their potentials emphasizing the competitive advantages of each firm.

10.                        International Competition analysis –

Brief summary of competing imported goods or services ( if any ) and their competitive advantages.

11.                        Threats from alternative goods or services –

Check if there are alternatives to the goods or services the business is offering in the market and what is the extent of that threat.

12.                        Marketing Plan –

How marketing targets are to be achieved.

13.                        Marketing Tools –

Brief mention of any special marketing tools to be used and the cost involved.

14.                        Staff –

Available man power, their numbers, roles and costs.

15.                        Operations Plan –

Here, a Gantt Chart is built to show each task and sub-task is executed over time.

16.                        Financial Projections –

Sales, profits, costs etc.. by month.

17.                        Epilogue-

In a few lines summarize the whole plan and emphasize certain aspects which may raise questions.







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